Sunday, March 13, 2011

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[ca428] dmyra - “Starry Cove“

The Russian (Moscow) Clinical Archives remains among the highest points of the netlabels world. Both the number of releases produced so far (their first release dates back to February 2006 and now have come to No. 428) is the quality level of proposals and the dizzying number of downloads it receives each new release (we're talking tens of thousands). Dmyra (Robert Demes II, Santa Barbara, Costa Rica) is the fifth collaboration with Clinical Archives. The previous issues were sailing towards a folk-alternative-rock sung while in this "Starry Cove" (4 tracks entirely instrumental) Dmyra veers semi-classical guitar compositions, intimate and intense. Small hints of percussion, a bass that accompanies so sweet and meditative melodies that Robert is able to create with his guitar. Dmyra seems to sit under the starry sky art-work trying to get his notes with a way of communicating a message of love to the universe. To listen in silent meditation, perhaps outside the walls of your home, while trying to smell the perfume in the world.

Release name: S tarry Cove
Artist: D myra
Label: C LiniCAL Archives
Date: March 10, 2011


Dmyra - Star Cove
Dmyra - ZygoMetric (In Loam)


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